Solve Your Brake Problems at a Lakewood CO Auto Repair Shop

The brake system of your vehicle includes highly engineered parts and is designed to make very precise movements, meant to stop the vehicle, by converting its kinetic energy into another form – thermal energy –, and this is why, when you have a brake problem, the wisest decision is to go to a Lakewood CO auto repair shop and consult a mechanic.

By simply pressing down the brake pedal, a master cylinder increases the pressure in a system of hydraulic lines that lead to each of the wheels. There, the brake pads/shoes press against the surface of a disc/drum to create enough friction to slow down and completely stop the vehicle.

Over time, friction and heat wear down the components of the braking system, such as pads, shoes, calipers or brake rotors as any auto repair Lakewood technician will tell you. There are several signs that let you know when your brakes might not be working well:

  • When you hear them grind or squeal;
  • When the vehicle pulls to one side or another during braking;
  • When the brake pedal goes down too easily
  • When the electronic diagnostic system alerts you about a potential issue by lighting on an indicator on the dashboard

In any of these cases, for safety reasons, you must go to a Lakewood CO auto repair shop as soon as possible and have your brake issue fixed.