When You Need to Go to a Denver Chevrolet Dealer for Tire Replacement

Do you really know when you need new tires for your Chevy, and, when that time comes, how to choose the right type and size of tires? The experts of Chevrolet dealers Denver located are the best source of information on such occasions.

Tire wear is determined by several factors, and your driving style, as well as your tire maintenance habits are two of them. You probably know that a wrong size load can void the tire warranty.

When you see the tread wear indicator on one of your tires, you can be sure that the moment has come to replace it. The built-in tread wear indicator is a wear bar looking like a narrow strip of smooth rubber and appears when the tire has to be replaced.

But this is not the only sign that should tell you when to replace your tires. You have to go to one of the Colorado Chevy dealers and have your tires replaced as soon as you see one of the following signs:

  • Fabric or cord showing through the rubber;
  • Cut, cracked, or snagged sidewall showing cord or fabric;
  • A bulge or split on the tire;
  • A cut, puncture, or any other damage that cannot be repaired correctly.